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By Motherland Hospital

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Caring for newborn infants, Providing prenatal care for high-risk infants.
Assisting in premature or problematic deliveries, and helping if complications arise or if medical attention is necessary immediately after birth.
Caring for infants' nutrition to ensure optimal growth and development, and finding alternative ways to feed infants who struggle to suckle.
Medications and treating infants born with infections or who contract infections after birth.
Providing support to parents and helping them to understand and make decisions regarding their infant's condition and treatment.
Performs rounds in the PICU seeing patients with the departmental team which includes residents; guiding them and teaching them simultaneously.
Performs various procedures necessary for care of the patients in PICU (e.g. Intubation, arterial or Central venous line insertion, ICD placement etc)
Providing patient care in using multidisciplinary approach and involves other subspecialties (e.g. Neurology, Nephrology etc) whenever required.
Carries out counseling of patients attendants maintaining punctuality and professionalism.
Liaises with the referring doctors by updating them about patient s status and discussing ongoing management.
Performs in-patients and out-patient duties with professionalism and punctuality.
Participates in preparation and execution of on-call schedule for the PICU.
Plays a major role in coordinating long and short distance Transport of sick patients.
Plays a major role in training and education of PICU nurses.
Contributes in departmental promotional activities by participating in various CMEs, Workshops and Conferences.
Involves in important hospital-wide activities by participating in Infection Control activities, Medical and clinical audits, patient safety and Quality related activities.

Other Details
  • Experience: 5-7 year
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Educational Qualification: MBBS, MD, DNB(Neonatology) or NNF of DM Neonatology
  • Salary: ₹ 180000-250000
  • Industry: Hospital
  • Address: Sector -119, Noida