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By Motherland Hospital

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1. Responsible for writing a detailed patient history
2. Responsible for physical examination of admitted patients as directed by the physician/clinician
3. Assess all patients and present each patient case during the rounds in a clear manner, showing
understanding of the cause of illness, diagnosis, care plan, and treatment outcomes
4. Write an appropriate admission note which includes plan of care and education plan for every patient
5. Initiate discharge planning
6. Oversee total care of the allotted patients, including daily examinations, patient education, writing
daily notes, and requesting consultations
7. Ensure that the senior resident is aware of any changes in the status of the patients, including any
abnormal findings
8. Ensure that the pre-operative communication and documentation with the patient and his relatives is
completed in time
9. Perform minor procedures for which he/she is privileged according to the level of training
10. Supervise the daily clinical management of patients in conjunction with the nurse in charge and
under the guidance of the treating physician/clinician
11. Attend all post operative patients on the day of operation and every day following
12. To undertake emergency procedures, including resuscitation as required, and to take the lead as
13. To comply with all hospital policies and procedures, in particular to those relating to health and
safety at work

Other Details
  • Experience: 3-5 year
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Educational Qualification: MBBS, MD (Peds)
  • Salary: ₹ 120000-150000
  • Industry: Hospital
  • Address: Sector -119, Noida